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In our Memory

This is a memorial page dedicated to Khun Ray who sadly passed away
in the U.K July 2012

Welcome to the
Flying handbag
This page is the latest updated page from 2004


The funniest Gay Pub on Phuket is now open.
In a mix of Faulty towers, Monty Phyton, and Ab Fab, this Bar brings something new to gay area of Paradise Complex in Patong on Phuket Island.
Khun Bas.. I mean Siby... sorry. I start again. Khun Ray is the woman behind the brilliant idea to bring a part of genuine British humor to Thailand. Bring your best sense of good humor to "The Flying hand Bag" and please do not forget - This place has a dress code!! Bring your handbag and prepare yourself for a night of debauchery.

- The Flying Hand Bag Story
In 1768 the oldest Pub in Thailand was established it was opened on the island of Phuket by a shipwrecked Englishman.......
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Click here for pictures from Soft opening Party 1 March 2545     One (1) day before the opening
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Madame Butterfly succeeded to get everything ready in time for the soft opening, to great surprise for everyone. All the handbag worker where exhausted and we all wondered why Madame was sitting in a deck chair overlooking the craftsmen all night with 3 (b)pricks in her hand bag. Now we know. It worked. Everything was ready in time to the grand opening.

Picures from the Golden Jubilee party 4 June 2002

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Picures from the opening party 9 March 2002

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- The Flying Hand Bag Story (by Ray Jevons in 2002)

In 1768 the oldest Pub in Thailand was established it was opened on the island of Phuket by a shipwrecked Englishman.......

In 1768 the oldest Pub in Thailand was established it was opened on the island of Phuket at a little known place called Patong the first owner was an Englishman called Raymon Beckham Jevon after meeting and marrying a Swedish girl called Ulf Michelle Haanbeg Raymon decided to keep the surname of his wife. His wife who had been shipwrecked on the Island of Phuket in January 1768 had decided to stay, and opened a small brothel on the beach at Patong Raymon was a regular visitor to the brothel where they met and married in 1772 they decided to end the association with the brothel and in 1773 opened a small beach Pub and called it Connect this was changed 6 months later when Ulf fell pregnant she was to go on and have 16 children and Raymon named the pub after his wife who he loved dearly The haanbeg.It was changed for the last time in 1780 when one of the children fell of a cliff, one of the local Thai woman ran screaming and shouting to the Haanbegs house she had just seen little Haanbeg flying through the air and in memory The Pub was called the flying Haanbeg this was changed two days later to the Flying handbag which it is called to this day in 1849 Raymon died at 100yrs old.

Raymon Beckham Jevon's body was taken back to England where he was buried in Westminster Abby, that same year Ulf Michelle Haanbeg died. She was buried in Patong cemetery, every year January 24th the people

Of Thailand celebrate the death of Raymon and Ulf with a national holiday in1850 it was called Raymon - Ulf day even today the people of Thailand morn the loss of a great man and his wife but as the years have past it is known to this day as the flying Handbag day, the main ceremony happens about 7pm where thousands of people men and women take their handbags to the nearest hill or mountain they throw them off shouting we love you Ramon we love you Ulf the higher they can get with their handbags means better good fortune on the lottery

their eldest son RayUlf took over the Flying Handbag and established a thriving business but due to his gambling and unusual sex life (he was reputed to have had sex with an elephant) the flying handbag began to have difficulties but in 1857 Rayulf died and it was passed on to his eldest daughter Polly she returned it back to its old ways and it became a Pub and a brothel But in1868 the centenary of the flying Handbag came about there was celebrations through out the year all drinks where priced at one Bht and a new bottled beer was created called the Old Bag, but tragedy struck once again Polly's youngest son who was standing by a box of fireworks watching the centenary display when a wayward rocket landed in the box creating a huge explosion Twink the boys name was killed instantly it took 3 months to collect the body parts and the last piece was found lodged between the cheeks of an elephants arse. Polly died of an infectious disease while putting the kettle on in 1877 and the Flying Handbag was taken over by Richard who was its first gay owner the pub became famous this particular year when Captain Cook on his way to discover Australia stopped of for a drink (In captain cooks journals he mentions having a drink with a very nice boy called Richard)

By now the Flying Handbag was famous all over Thailand and attracted many young Thai boys who enjoyed its relaxed atmosphere.

In 1900 a big change happened at the Handbag(the locals sometimes dropped the flying)It began to open till 10pm from its regular time of closing at 6 pm.

These are believed to be the first licensing laws in Thailand.

In 1910 Richard Died the flying handbag was now established and famous in Thailand and the world Richards nephew (yes nephew) Jane-Lesbos took over, she was also gay she had the reputation of sleeping with women which was unheard of in Thailand at that time the local Thai-people nick-named her lesbian because they could not pronounce bos and the word came out lesbian hence the word Lesbian spread through out the world, this now established the Flying Handbag as a gay Pub It was visited by Oscar Wild that year and the following year by queen Victoria,since then we have had many queens visit the Flying Handbag.

In 1914 Jane-Lesbos went back to England, and left the flying Handbag In the hands of a Thai boy called Oaktree who unfortunately over ordered on stock and nearly bankrupted the place instead of ordering 10 toilet bowls in a light blue for the new guesthouse 10,000 toilets arrived in the color of dark brown,

Jane-Lesbos arrived in England in the summer of 1914 and was the first ever woman to spy for the British she opened a network of small toilets throughout France, so she could listen in on the conversations from the Germans who visited these places eventually thy where code named cottage's it is believed this is where the word cottaging first came from. This was also fortunate for the Flying Handbag as the toilets were sold to the French Resistance this was a brilliant idea by Jane-Lesbos because the brown toilets match the French toilet paper and regulation brown underwear the French loved everything to be color co-ordinated. The Flying handbag once again prospered.

Jane-Lobos died suddenly and in tragic circumstances in 1918 just as the war was coming to an end she had decided to visit one of her cottages and while relieving herself a stray shell made a direct hit blowing her up, she was found two days later with a toilet seat round her head and both her legs where missing. The French give her a state funeral and she was buried under the Eiffel tower in a 30in coffin.

In 1918 Jane's Sister Fiona-Dyke took over but she was always called Dyke to her friends, The first thing she did when she took over the flying Handbag was to sack Oaktree.

There were many happy year's at the Flying Handbag and Fiona-Dyke was a very popular owner, she became famous for the very wonderful Buffet's she put on every Sunday night, her Buffet's were so good that at the end of 1918 she weighed 62 stone.

In 1924 the Franco-Prussian war broke out and Fiona-Dyke decided to join the Franco's as a stormtrooper, she was very popular, recalling one of her adventures she had tried to jump over a trench when coming under fire but missed her footing landing in the trench killing 15 Prussians. Once again coming under fire she was wounded when a large artillery shell lodged in her backside it was removed with out anesthetics but the people looking on said the smell was terrible. Eventually she was captured and was raped by 18 Russian prison officers and the story goes she loved every minute of it. She was the only person ever to escape, by digging a 40-mtr-tunnel climbing a60ft wall and swimming 12 miles down a swollen river. She returned home a hero but two days later she was dead after slipping on a banana skin.

In 1927 Fiona Dyke's youngest brother John became the owner of the Flying handbag but he kept a terrible secret when in England he had been a butcher he had decided to get up early and make some Katoy Sausages (A favorite delicacy in Lincolnshire England)

He had not bothered to dress as it was so early when suddenly the knife slipped and cut off his manhood, there was very little they could do in those days so it was stitched up a hole made and then lined with fur to hide the scars eventually some one found out and John was nick-named John the Katoy.That year Johns only son Camp came to join him in Thailand he was only 19 years old and he also kept a terrible secret one day when Camp thought everyone was out for the day he would dress up in women's clothes and put on make up he had bought from the market in Patong and he even had a pair of stilettos he had stolen from Boat Bar,When suddenly the cleaner walked into the room she dropped her cleaning equipment give out a terrible scream and ran down stairs out into the street crying and screaming she had seen a lady boy. When John returned from his day out he was told about the incident and told Camp not to worry and could he borrow his dresses when they were not in use. The years passed and the girls where contented and happy at the Flying Handbag, When one day tragedy struck Camp had been out camping in the jungle when he was attacked by a bull elephant who tried to mount him unfortunately Camp tried to escape but he found it difficult in his high heels and eventually the elephant caught him he was quickly taken to hospital and John rushed to be, by his bed-side John found Camp in wards 3. 4. And 5 and he died the following day the hand of misfortune once again struck the Flying Handbag.

In 1935 John died of natural causes but the Thai authorities did not know whether to bury John as a man or a woman anyway they decided to settle the matter by throwing a coin but the coin landed stood on end when it landed in some mud so they decided to bury her/him stood up in his coffin once again this was a first in Thailand.

1935 Rebecca Slapper took over the running of the Flying Handbag she brought the Handbag into the 20th century she installed an Internet section computers and televisions in every room but she had not realized that there was no electricity in Patong at that time.

Rebecca was also a very popular owner of the Flying Hand bag Rebecca was very much an animal lover she would feed the birds and feed cats and dogs one day she took pity on a stray puppy she called Hurcules.But unknown to Rebecca Hurcules was gay she found out when the dog was about nine month's old it would squat all the time (which only bitches did) so she decided to change its name to Mary Rebecca had many problems with Mary every six months it would have phantom pregnancies so the following year Rebecca took Mary to Bangkok and paid for Mary to have the full operation. Another first for Thailand and the Flying Handbag, the first Katoy dog.

In 1942 Mary died and was stuffed by the local carpenter and mounted in the Bar?

Rebecca was heart broken and dressed in black for the rest of her life. In 1955 Rebecca died, and her nephew David took over David was so pleased to have been left the Flying Handbag he had been dragged up all of his life and now he had a home he could call his own.

In 1958 while out cruising David discovered an uninhabited Island and called it koh Kai that means in Thai The Island of Bags. While David was away on his voyages of discovery he left the Flying Handbag to be managed by his friend Alan? When David returned days later Alan had gone missing David went to his room and found the door locked with the help of the staff they broke down the door to find Alan dead between the legs of a blow up doll called George, everything was hushed up and the blow up doll was used later as a bouncy castle for the local children. In 1959 David wrote a top selling song called "Bridge over troubled Handbag"

The above record sold millions throughout the world and made David very rich but 6 months later he lost the lot to gambling.

In 1960 David was caught stealing men's underwear from local Thai washing lines and was given six lashes of the whip he told the judge it should have been twenty. (Please note the whip is no longer used in Thailand)

David passed away quietly Xmas 2001 and his 34yr old cousin Raymond took over the Flying Handbag.

He brought a breath of fresh-air to the Flying Handbag he was handsome talented and extremely intelligent he spoke many languages and people loved him very much after all that he was a very modest person.

Ray decided he now needed bigger premises for the Flying Handbag and in March 2002 the Handbag moved to the paradise complex directly behind Connect Bar and restaurant it has been a huge success people from many generations still visit like their fathers and mothers before.

And Ray when interviewed by a local paper quoted we have been going for over 200 yrs and I am sure we will still be here in another 200 yrs the Flying Handbag is a part of Thailand's history we will never let it die.</font>