This web site promotes Gay tourism to Thailand NOT commercial sex tourism. We list venues popular with gays but this is Thailand and what goes on goes on. Thailand has strict laws about prostitution and drugs but lack enforcement. Keep it simple, don't try things you wouldn't do at home. That goes also for driving a motorbike without a driving license and helmet after drinking.

Don't leave your common sense at home, keep it up at normal level.

The explorer can have a good time almost everywhere in Phuket but we will try to list places popular with a gay crowd.


Gay bar - the LGBT sanctuary
First a word about our community "sanctuary" that we call a gay bar.  I’m not entirely sure our straight friends really understand what a gay bar means to members of the LGBTQ community… what it took to walk into one for the very first time, what it felt like to be there, how the people we met shaped our loves and lives. It was the place we returned home from to worried mothers and answered the question, “Where were you?” with the simple and elusive, “Out.” Actually, far from out, usually, during those first visits.
And so it was also a place we went when we were keeping a secret. It was a place where we relied upon strangers to keep those secrets: from mothers and fathers and classmates and bosses, a place where we ducked in from parking lots hoping passing cars did not see us… to out us. It was a place where, if you unexpectedly saw a coworker, you either hid or made an unspoken pact about seeing each other there. It was also not a place you could talk about being when you returned to school or work on Monday.
It was a place where bartenders knew us by name. It was a place where we all fell in and out of love, then became friends, in bonds that lasted far beyond where we lived or when we lived there. Well, this description of a gay bar might soon be history since the entire scene is moving on to Internet. When you are in a place with gay bars still open, support them. In Phuket we have an entire area with gay bars in Paradise Complex.

Gay night life in Patong: In the same way as in the western world the gay scene is changing. Internet and smartphones are taking over for casual hook-ups. Gay clubs lose some of its attraction and the younger crowd tends to go to mixed places and say we don't need any special gay clubs anymore.  Still in Paradise complex in Patong you find a vibrating gay scene. The gay scene in Patong has been rapidly transformed over a couple of decades from one bar only, to a vibrant modern gay scene. The anchor or nucleus of the gay scene is the popular Boat Bar Disco in Paradise Complex with a professional cabaret show and an outdoor terrace bar, located in an enclave of nearly 30 gay venues in the "Paradise Complex".

"Thai style" gay venues: Pub/Bar with hosts available to "off".  Be prepared to be sitting next to a host from the bar asking you to pay for a drink (to start with).

"Western style" gay venues: Hassle free gay venues. Friendly atmosphere without hustlers.

Dance bar/music pub: Music pubs with live music. No gay venues but several mixed in Patong and Phuket town.

Clubs, Disco: There are two gay disco in Paradise complex and several popular clubs in other areas of Patong

Cabaret-/transvestite show: There are several dedicated cabaret-/transvestite shows in Patong. Some go-go bars have cabaret shows.

Sex show: Sex shows are illegal in Thailand, but this is Thailand so...

Karaoke: Great fun! The karaoke clubs listed here are very popular among gays and they have songs from all over the world. Pick you favorite and go for it!

Beach clubs: There are no gay beach clubs in Phuket but some of the straight clubs are starting to target a gay crowd with special nights and events.

Massage: For many westerners, massage is an infrequent indulgence. In Asia massage is used for all sorts of therapeutic need as well as for pure enjoyment. Only a few massage places have male masseurs. Most of them are in Paradise complex but also in Phuket town and Kathu.

Cruising: If you are in Patong just go to Paradise Complex or to the beach at late night. If you are really into cruising go to Phuket town and visit the Suan luang Park. Some locals go here. Some speak good English but not all. Saphan Hin area is not recommended for cruising because of teenage gangs.
AYOR (At Your Own Risk) As always in parks - Be careful.
Cruising is not that popular nowadays but you can sometimes be surprised. Your smartphone will probably do a better job.

Dining: Patong has an uncountable number of restaurants. Patong has a few "gay restaurants" and several that are very popular among gays.

Cabaret show: The biggest cabaret show is the Simon Cabaret but it is perhaps more interesting for straight tourists who want to have a look at the katoys (transvestites).

We are working on the updated listing and a new map. Come back here again soon


Aquarius Gay sauna, men only. Sauna, Steam room, Jaquzzi, Bar, Massage, Gym.
Location: Paradise Complex

Backstage Purple meeting point, On hold for new location

Boat Bar
Patong's oldest gay disco with a popular cabaret shows every night around midnight. Boat Bar gets busy when the show starts at midnight. No entrance fee.
Location: Paradise Complex (corner on the way out)

Connect Restaurant Bistro & Bar with Guesthouse
Restaurant with Thai and European food. 25 clean rooms with.
Location: 125/8-9 Rath-U-Thit Road, Paradise Complex (on the way out).

E-San La Prao
Thai Music bar with a Thai live band. Popular among locals from north east of Thailand, the E-san district. No western music but a very interesting experience in Thai schlager music and dance. Not many tourists here, mixed gay and straight.

Heaven Bar
Small bar. Heaven Bar has a long history and has been very popular during the years.
Location:133/14 Rath-U-Thit Road, Paradise Complex.

Kor Tor Mor
Popular music pub restaurant in Phuket town (mixed)
Location: Phuket Town

This bar is in classic Thai style bar.
Location: Paradise Complex (way out)

Phuket FantaSea (not gay)
Not gay but very interesting and worth visiting. Phuket FantaSea is a Vegas-style theme park showing Thai culture. You can dine in the biggest dining room in the world, watch the spectacular show (dancing, fire works, laser, elephants) and do some shopping in the shopping arcade.
Location: At Kamala Beach, 20 minutes from Patong.

Galaxy Pub in Patong 

Simon Cabaret, Patong
The biggest transvestite cabaret show on Phuket Island and one of the best in Thailand.
Entrance fee 500 Baht for Economy class, 600 Baht for VIP seats. The entrance fee includes one soft drink. Shows at 19.30 and 21.30.

Simon Star show New Cabaret show in Phuket tow from the Simon group

Sound Pub Phuket Town (new location and name for Sofa Pub)


Tangmo Cabaret Club

Time Bar




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